About Mark

Mark Glover is a web developer.

He was born in Frimley, Surrey, England on Tuesday the 10th of June 1986 AD, at about quarter past 4 in the afternoon (or so his mother claims), and grew up in the neighbouring town of Yateley, Hampshire. There he attended Yateley School and Sixth Form, leaving in June 2004 with 4 A Levels to his name. He then moved to Bristol, to take a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Law Joint Honours at the University of the West of England. In 2007 he switched his degree to General Honours in order to focus on the Business side of his studies. He graduated with Honours in June 2009.

Mark first started on the road to becoming a web developer in 2000, when the arrival of the internet in his parents' home coincided with the arrival of his first Windows laptop. He had been teaching himself computing from an early age, and picking up a guide on 'HTML and How to Build Your Own Website' seemed like the obvious next step. In 2010 Mark decided to start pushing his abilities from skilful amateur to self-employed professional, so that he can do the things he loves for a living.

Mark's other hobbies include hiking, photography, cooking, music (listening and formerly playing), reading, theatre (watching, he can't act), comedy (watching again, he isn't very funny), travelling, kayaking, eating out and drinking as much tea and coffee as he can get his hands on.

After a 3 year spell living in Plymouth, Devon, Mark returned with his fiancée, to his native Hampshire in 2012 and now lives in Fleet in the North East of the county. He lives in a pleasant little 2 bedroom house with a garden and 2 cats.

For more information, Mark suggests taking a look through the rest of the site. If that isn’t enough, or you have question for him, please head over to the contact form.