Hi there! My name is Mark Glover.

I love good food and drink, lounging around listening to jazz music, books you can't put down and the great outdoors. I'm a little bit posh, a little bit fat and more than a bit of a day dreamer. Oh, and I also build websites.

I keep a Blog

A New Challenge, A New Adventure
One of the curious things I've noticed whilst freelancing, is that when you tell someone that you're a freelancer, they automatically assume that it's some ...
Walking in Circles
Isn't it funny the way that things we do in our childhood go on to influence us later in life? As we go about our ...
Moving On Again
It has been known, over the years, for me to occasionally talk about the goings on in my life on this blog; the big changes ...

I talk about Myself

You've come to my site, so you probably want to know something about me. Well, I'm 20 something, I grew up somewhere near Reading, went to university in Bristol and currently live in Hampshire. During office hours I build websites, including this one. During all other hours I have a range of hobbies and interests, almost all of which suggest I'm in my late fifties. I live in a small house with a garden.

I make Websites

If you don't know me personally, chances are you know me professionally. Or at least would like to. I hope. I used to be a freelance web developer, but am now working as the Head of Development at Ya-Ya Online